Walt Baby Love on 99X | May 17, 1974

Courtesy of Matt Seinberg, who has donated a lot of 99x material to this site, here’s what sounds like Walt Baby Love’s first show on WXLO. Now, while I can’t confirm it, he makes mention of how good it is to be back in the Big Apple. Nonetheless, this aircheck is less than what we’d expect from this legendary jock.

What you hear, is a whole show built around a promo for the ‘99X Game’. Apparently, the way it worked was that listeners would be called by 99x. The winners who were called would win, but those who submitted the person’s name that was called would win double. Actually, that’s a pretty good game I haven’t heard on the air in a while – any you PD’s wanna resurrect it?

The reason I say it’s less than we’d expect to hear from ol’ Baby Love was that this aircheck, recorded way back in ‘74, could sound like any station today – every mic break the jock mentioning a contest or liner. Not what you’d expect for a station built around screaming jocks and a west-coast “Q” format in the RKO chain. But… there are things you DON’T hear today. For instance, when was the last time anyone heard an FM music station play one song, then one commercial and a contest promo? After EVERY record?

Times have sure changed since 1974!

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