Special Appearance: Elton John AKA “EJ the DJ” with Lee Douglas | 1974 (1:02:22) Scoped

In 1974, 99X welcomed a special guest DJ – Elton John. Apparently EJ the DJ was in the habit of appearing at various radio stations to do this. His lifelong ambition? Perhaps.

This is an absolutely hilarious aircheck. The jock on duty, Lee Douglas, does his best to maintain control – but once Sir Elton John arrives, things quickly disintegrate into one liners about drag queens and other … well you just have to consider the source.

It’s ‘clean’ radio by today’s standards, but the innuendos were VERY edgy for their day. And one wonders why folks like Steve “Smokin’ Weed populated the WXLO studios in the mid-70s. The ‘alphabet’ station had serious competition!

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January 15th, 2005 Posted by Steve West | Elton John, Matt Seinberg, Lee Douglas | 4 comments


  1. What a great website. In 1974 I was a senior in high school and this station was great. I still remember the tv commericals, any chance that they can be posted.
    Thanks for the memories.


    Comment by John | 4/14/2005

  2. I have a 20 second (obviously scoped) check of EJ appearing on the Big-8, CKLW (Windsor/Detroit) from the early 70s when Elton was in top form.

    Comment by TroubleBoy | 5/11/2005

  3. Fantastic aircheck…but this is from the spring of 1975, May
    Mark Q¿Q

    Comment by Mark | 8/5/2005

  4. Isn’t the first commercial for Arrow the voice of Howard Stern?

    Comment by Dave Campbell | 11/13/2005

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