Second “Cookin’” Composite – June 1 & 2, 1979

“…This is only a test…. I know your dog is listening!”

This compliments the first “Cookin’ Composite” that we have from ‘78 thanks to Matt at Big Apple Airchecks!

It starts out right where it should, with the Jay Thomas morning show and moves right along through what apparently is a full broadcast day (and then some).

Here’s an aircheck of a station in transition. What had been Top 40 99X is now Top 40 99-XLO, as the station starts to search for new ways to captivate an ever-fragmenting audience, having lost most of the Disco listeners to newly-hatched 92 WKTU and feeling pressure from other stations like rocker 95.5 WPLJ and AC 97 WYNY. Trying to find that niche in mid ‘79 eventually led to an AC version of WXLO called simply FM 99 in October, which turned out to be a ratings disaster. It all came crashing down in 1981 when RKO General decided to take the station Urban to take on crosstown WBLS… at that time ditching the WXLO calls in favor of WRKS and a new name, Kiss-FM.

And so as to confuse you guys even more, here are some interesting facts about that evolution. The Kiss-FM monikker was NOT a creation of Clear Channel Communications (which at that time was a tiny little company in Texas using a different name), rather, the name was taken from BOSTON’S WXKS-FM, Ritchie Balsbaugh’s incredibly successful Disco-turned-CHR Kiss 108. And, three years after the WXLO call letters were tossed to the wind (January 1984), Robin Martin’s Montachusett Broadcasting picked them up for use on his then WFMP 104.5 Fitchburg as part of it’s transition to Worcester, Mass…. where they sit today!

I explained all that just to explain what the 99-XLO jingles and name actually meant to listeners in mid-1979 – more Oldies, more Recurrents, album cuts and a station beginning to lose its way. Still…. it hasn’t changed all that much at this point, as you’ll hear in this long composite and WXLO still sounds incredible with lots of personality and new jingles.

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