Jay Thomas, Charlie Steiner News and Flash Flood Weather – The 99X Morning Show | 1979

Thanks to Martin Hardee for providing this SUPERB hour long Jay Thomas morning show! This is a re-post of an earlier gem which then was only a half hour, but now we’ve included the entire one hour scope!

There’s not much music, or any semblence of a ‘Top 40′ format – but this IS the morning show. The competition during this time was not necessarilly WABC. Thomas makes an offhand remark to newsman Charlie Steiner about WKTU – the ‘new’ all-Disco station in town.

You’ll hear three different consecutive segments. I tightened up the source tape audio so the pauses are gone and this flows like a continuous aircheck – which it is except for a couple of songs which are scoped out.

In each segment, you hear opening banter between Thomas and Steiner, then the news – this is the historic nature of this aircheck. Anything you wanted to know about New York City at this point in 1979 you’ll hear. Then the commercial break (edited), and Flash Flood – the weatherguy.

Content: NOAA Weather Radio is going to computerized digitized voices (wow… was it that long ago???), Steiner & Mark Smith (now AP Correspondent) start a series on Discos (I’d assume this is BEFORE WLS/Steve Dahl’s “Disco Destruction” at Chicago’s Wrigley Field), and some assorted NYC political stuff and the usual murders. There is *some* music, but really only enough to serve as bookmarks. Note to ASCAP/BMI: There are no songs! Gotta keep reminding them of that.

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