PAMS 99x Jingle Montage – 1974

Just in! The original 1974 PAMS 99x Jingles used for many years on WXLO!

Courtesy of Bill DeFelice, we received the entire 9mb package as recorded for 99x way back at the beginning – just after the call letters were changed from WOR-FM! But, rather than just encode the package and let you listen all the way through (it’s rather booooooring), your curator has taken the liberty of getting creative and turning this into a cool montage.

If listening to these cuts doesn’t remind you of WRKO, KHJ, KFRC or other RKO stations… well, you haven’t heard many of them! The RKO sound in New York. It really WAS great. Just dwarfed by WABC and that’s why West Coast top 40 sounded so much different than East Coast.

One important note: Many of these cuts were used in 1974, and it sounds like the station could have been referred to either way, as 98 point X or 99X, almost like station managers were on the fence as to what to do. PAMS included both slogans in this package. And, of course as everyone knows, after 1974, only the one shotgun “99X” cut was used – for about 4 years, ending in either late ‘77 or early ‘78.

Click HERE to Listen!

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