Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you trade airchecks?
A: No. Except for in rare instances, we don’t trade out our audio files. Our “trade” is posting airchecks online in streaming media form to share with everyone.

Q: Do I have to register to listen to airchecks?

A: No. The entire site is free of charge to listen. However, if you wish to post a comment about one of our selections, you must first register with at least your name and email address.

Q: Is your site only about top 40 radio stations?
A: Definitely not! We present all different kinds of formats, from Country to Rock to R&B to News. We also are not just limited to American radio. We’ll post anything of historical significance, providing it meets certain guidelines.

Q: How can I contribute an aircheck to your collection?
A: Send an email to You’ll get an email in return telling you where to mail your materials.

Q: Do I need a broadband connection to listen?
A: No. Most of our airchecks are encoded to stream smoothly at 28.8kbps dialup speeds except where noted.

Q: Do you provide any airchecks for download?
A: No. Occasionally, we may provide a special feature in mp3 format for download, such as our 911 Remembered special, but unless specifically noted, we do not allow downloads of our material.

Q: Can I link one of your airchecks to my website?
A: Only if you get express, written permission from the webmaster. Also, no commercial use of any kind is permitted with any material found on