Bobby Rich, the Top 99 of 1978 and New Year’s Eve Party with staff – December 31, 1978

It’s New Year’s in July as we return a classic aircheck to 99x New York!

Now hear here, for your listening pleasure, a hi-fi scoped recording of one of the best New Year’s Eve parties you’ll ever hear (because radio doesn’t care to do them anymore) from all our friends at 99x!

Dual number one songs – yea, guess what group was hotter than a firecracker in ‘78? And no, the number two song WASN’T John Congos – “She’s Gonna Step On You Again”, although the mere mention of that one is downright scary!! Neither is the Number one tune “Pennies For Your Thoughts, although Sue O’Neal probably would have taken the money haha.

This is a positively WONDERFUL aircheck, lots of fun from the jocks we all know and love dearly… and with a forecast of highs in the 40s…. well, it’s COOL fun for a blistering hot Independence Day in America! So… Happy July 4th, and Happy New Year from 99x New York.

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