How Nickelback Became The Most Hated Band In History

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Becoming the most hated band ever doesn’t happen overnight. But what is it about this band — which sells out Madison Square Garden and has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide — that makes them so despised? And how can such widespread appeal and infamy coexist side by side? Here’s how Nickelback became the most hated band in music history… Same song different day | 0:24 A famous diss | 1:07 Chad Kroeger, frat boy | 1:39 Lyrical misogynist | 2:49 Patient zero | 3:44 Furniture ‘Rockstar’ | 4:18 Too cool to give back | 5:13 The internet made us do it | 5:58 Read more here → Musicians The Untold Truth Of The Cranberries’ Lead Singer The Untold Truth Of Tom Petty Why We Don’t Hear About Journey’s Steve Perry Anymore The Disturbing Truth Behind K-Pop Music What Fans Never Knew About Weird Al Yankovic Bandmates Who Hate Each Other Website → Like us → Instagram → The world is pretty weird…in fact, it’s a whole lot weirder than you think. If you haven’t learned something new today, you’re missing out. Grunge is the place to immerse yourself in fun facts and cool tidbits on history, entertainment, science, and plenty more. It’s just like reading books…but exciting!