Al Bandiero – Nights | Early 1978

Thanks to Bill James (WEEX Easton PA), we have this excellent scope of the Al Bandiero night show on 99X. Bandiero is the one jock who turned your webmaster on to the radio business – the first jock that captivated me from his days on WKBW.

He owes me an apology!

July 4th, 2006 Posted by Steve West | Al Bandiero, Bill James | 3 comments


  1. I can understand how listening to Al Bandiero influenced you to get into the radio business. he was and remains a great jock.

    I too first heard Al Bandiero on 99X and immediately I liked him. I listened to him years later on Jamin 105 in new York.

    Today, Al does Saturday nights on WALK FM in Patchogue, new York and Sunday nights on 103.5 WKTU. He is as great as ever.

    Thanks for the aircheck. it brings back good memories of 99X.

    Comment by Larry | 2/20/2006

  2. Whatever happend to Steve “Smokin” Weed?

    Comment by Rick Gaul | 3/18/2006

  3. Does anyone remember the Jingles they use to use? Does anyone have them to post on here? I only have the WABC Jingles on Cart

    Comment by Vinnie | 5/24/2006

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