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* A brand new composite from 1979 as the station transitions to 99-XLO!

PLUS! We’ve returned a number of older airchecks including Jay Thomas’s morning show from 1978 now upgraded to our new player and extended to a full hour!

Got tapes of 99x? Please, we hope you’ll consider donating a copy to our site!

We are proud to announce that the 99X New York tribute site is now officially a part of Airchexx.com! We’ll be working on the site in the coming days and weeks to upgrade the audio to our new player. You should see other improvements as well.

I welcome your suggestions for improvements! Send an email with your ideas, I’d love to hear from you.

We’re also looking for any 99X WXLO Alumni – we’d like to tell your story about your time at 99X.

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Mike Wade on FM 99 | June 6, 1980

Here’s Mike Wade playing Oldies on his weekend show. WXLO, by this time is no longer a hot Top 40 station, having flipped to AC in the fall of ‘79. What a difference between this and other airchecks on this site! It was the beginning of the end, as WXLO would be gone within a year in favor of Urban WRKS.

While this is scoped, I’ve left the commercials in. Thanks to Matt of Big Apple Airchecks for this New Year’s gift!

Click HERE to Listen!

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Assorted Airchecks 1973-76 by Jerry D.

Here’s a reasonably low-fidelity representation of 99X during it’s heyday. You’ll hear a bit of everything here, including a few short clips of Walt “Baby” Love, the 99x Game and even Bill Drake from early ‘73! (at least it sounds like Drake, or an EARLY Robert W. Morgan promo read)

Click HERE to Listen!

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