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September 9, 2007

How does one pay tribute to such a great station as 99X? We try here, but as you may have noticed, this site isn’t updated much. That’s because our main focus is on our sister site, Airchexx.com.

Well, let me assure you that this WXLO tribute site isn’t forgotten. We have a number of projects going on, upgrades, etc., and when those are complete, we’ll be back here with some fresh 99X airchecks. When we do, the 99X tribute will continue with Matt @ BigAppleAirchecks in charge! Matt has the audio collection, and more importantly, he was THERE in New York during the heyday of this great station!

Meantime, be patient, and check out the various airchecks here, and at our sister site, www.airchexx.com. We’re sure you’ll agree, we have the largest collection of 99X ear candy on the web!

Steve West

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