99X Memories: Dan Levine

Dan writes:

“I was in college at the time and home on break (mid to late 70’s) and was very much involved on the campus radio station at the University of Richmond. Stations like 99X and 97DJ were models of how I thought radio should sound: After all they were in New York not “Podunk.”

Anyway I was working with my dad in his stationery business early on a Sunday morning in NYC and was heading home back to Emerson NJ on the bus & train by myself when I decided to stop by 99X to see if I could get a tour of the station. (Early am on a Sunday???) I went up into the building at 1440 Broadway and rang the bell at WXLO. Someone came to the door and I explained that I was a college student involved in the campus radio station etc. and this fellow let me in.

The first thing I noticed was a set of ham radio call numbers on someone’s desk, ‘WB2XLO.’ Well that was music to my ears because I had been a Ham operator for several years or so at that time. What I got next was a full tour of 99X and met “Walt Baby Love!” who was on the air at the time. I left with some neat posters that became wallpaper in my college dorm room. I recently saw them in some photos I had taken.

I must have also been to the station at some other time because I met a DJ called “The Chucker.” I think it must have been his first day on the air: He was amazed that he was actually broadcasting in New York City! He said his previous station out in Iowa somewhere barely had a set of headphones that would work.

I also met newsman J. Paul McGregor who was from WLEE Radio in Richmond, where I went to school. (Small world.)

I worked in radio and TV for about 1 year after graduating from school in Virginia and will never forget my days on the air at WRNL News center 910 in Richmond. My career in broadcasting was cut short, however, for a (real job) which eventually took me back to the New York area but not in broadcasting. As far as radio goes, it’s been a hobby for more than 30 years now.”

– Dan is a ham radio operator, his call sign is WA2CLP. Thanks for your recollections, Dan!


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Special Appearance: Elton John AKA “EJ the DJ” with Lee Douglas | 1974 (1:02:22) Scoped

In 1974, 99X welcomed a special guest DJ – Elton John. Apparently EJ the DJ was in the habit of appearing at various radio stations to do this. His lifelong ambition? Perhaps.

This is an absolutely hilarious aircheck. The jock on duty, Lee Douglas, does his best to maintain control – but once Sir Elton John arrives, things quickly disintegrate into one liners about drag queens and other … well you just have to consider the source.

It’s ‘clean’ radio by today’s standards, but the innuendos were VERY edgy for their day. And one wonders why folks like Steve “Smokin’ Weed populated the WXLO studios in the mid-70s. The ‘alphabet’ station had serious competition!

Click HERE to Listen!

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